zondag 7 april 2013

What for shop we will be ...

Render Art World
Hello all we will be a store a little bit different then others ...
The most People Working with us are Poser Render Designers and Artist ..
There will also be some Scrapkit designers with us .. but they will only be making and placing Scrapkits who combine with a poser or art from the store...
Ofcourse is the Scrapkit Designer Allowed to place the kits on other stores
Where looking for ... People who make poser tubes, Paint tubes etc etc
We give you a drame free place where it's fun to work in a great team and where everyone is allowed to think what's best and good for the store... we make it big together...
We Give a Commision of
85/15 and ofcourse the paypall fee
It's also Possible to make exclusive work for us then the commision will be
90/10 and ofcourse the paypall fee
So like you see .. Poser Will be standing central in this store... next to that is possible to sell Painted Tubes ... also Licenses work is possible
And ofcourse scrapkits what are compatible...
what do you think .. is this something for you ... do you like to join... and wil jou be a part of a great team where you can exploye yourself ..
Mail me
Tell me what you want to do in the store ..
and show some of your work
I love to hear from you

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