donderdag 22 augustus 2013

CT Timeline Set And 5 Snags For Render Art World Hanny’s Designs

I have made a timeline set with the so so adorable Aurelie 18, She is a PTU tube and she is so adorable, You really need her for your collections for your tags, This one was special to me, I was looking at the tubes and this one she jumped out at me and i knew right then she was the one for me to use, With her curly brown hair and pink outfit she reminds me of my daughter who passed away, I miss and love her so much and so this was a special timeline set that i am very proud of, So if you love this little tube as much as i do, Head on over to Render Art World and check out this amazing tube: CLICK HERE  This gorgeous kit i used to compliment this darling tube is PTU Fairy Princess By Crystals Creations, You can go grab this awesome kit if you head on over to SATC, Here is the link for you: CLICK HERE  You can also find this timeline set PLUS 5 snags over at my blog Simply Different Tags: CLICK HERE  
Below is the preview of Hanny's Designs beautiful tube and my timeline set 
Timeline Set 

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